No matter its size, an enterprise can choose to cofinance schooling for its collaborators. By helping to form a balanced life for its employees, a business can positively affect the motivation and loyalty of its workforce while also developing its brand image. It is a win-win situation for the employee and the employer.

The advantages to the business are numerous:

– Human resources benefits

– Aiding in recruiting new talent

– Boosting loyalty and motivation among employees

– Increasing serenity and performance among employees

– Lowering rates of tardiness and workdays missed

– Employer image benefits:

– Responsible citizenship: bringing forward a life balance, equality between the sexes

– Attention to employee needs

The advantages for families are also numerous:

– A school that serves both scholastic and after-school (16:30-) needs, including Wednesdays and school holidays

– Smaller class sizes lead to more serene and calm children at home

– Expertise of childhood professionals dedicated to the raising and comfort of children

– A bilingual environment that helps children develop second language skills during the most fertile years of language acquisition, as well as an environment that brings together all nationalities (expats, bilingual families…)

– An active pedagogy that brings together major educational systems (Montessori, Winnicott, Freinet…) and favoring cooperation, autonomy and responsibility.


« It is through play, and only through play, that the child and the adult are free to demonstrate their creativity. »

Donald W. Winnicott