Family Registrations


Registrations are possible whether the child is toilet trained or not, and whether or not the child has already had experiences in groups.

Each family meets individually with the school director to complete the registration of the child.

All nationalities are accepted, whether they speak French or not.

Registration is on an annual basis following the school year, from September to July.

Please note that no matter the child’s age, there will be a period of adjustment. That period will vary in length depending on the age of the child, their experiences in group settings, and their reactions. Parents will notice progressive changes throughout the adjustment period.

Rates vary depending on the hours chosen and the registration type (with or without company financing).

The registration charges and fees include:

– teaching and pedagogical materials
– meals
– diapers (if necessary)
– hours after 16:30
– the school’s functioning from Monday to Friday, including most school vacations (excluding August, 1 week during Christmas & during winter time)

You have the choice between 5 rates, depending on the hours that you choose:

– Rate A: full time (8:30-18:30)
– Rate B: school full time (8:30-17:00)
– Rate C: 3/4 time, formula 1 (8:30-15:30)
– Rate D: half time, morning (8:30-12:00)
– Rate E: half time, afternoon (15:00-18:30)

Please note that inscription costs for each year are €300. Billing is calculated over 10 or 11 months, payable in advance.


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Françoise Dolto