Our Values


Douces Maternelles is a human-sized company, driven by the desire of its founder to bring innovative learning to families and their children, together with a high level of service to help parents organize their professional and personal lives.

Our fundamental values are:


The child is an independent being.

A child builds confidence by learning to live with others.

Each child benefits from personal support specially adapted to his/her needs, capacities and difficulties.


Developing know-how and awareness.

Creating confidence

For the children: in themselves, in the team, in their classmates.

For the parents: in the team and in the school leadership.

For the team: in each of the children and their parents, as well as in their colleagues.

Caring and Responsibility

We place a great deal of importance on the space provided for children, for their families and for our team. This results in smaller classes, in order to create safe spaces for the child as well as an optimal work environment for teachers. Open welcome areas allow famiilies to congregate and relax in spaces that are enjoyable and routine, all within the school itself.


« The real job of a teacher is to help, not to judge. »

Maria Montessori