Our schools are designed to accommodate 32 children up to 6 (potty-trained or no).

There are 4 classes of 8 children that come together into two groups of 16 at certain moments of the day, with one professional for each class. 2 classes bring together 16 children up to 4, who may or may not have had experiences with groups, with or without diapers, with toilet training not being a criteria for admission.

The other 2 classes bring together 16 children up to 6 .

Some other main features:

– Fundamental learning processes that conform to the nursery school program of the National Education System, particularly in the development of language and socialization.

Adaptible hours that allow parents to reconcile their professional and personal lives:

* Open from 8:30-18:30

* Open all day on Wednesdays, 50% of school holidays (one in two weeks at All Saints, Christmas, Winter, Easter) and in July

* Only closed during the month of August

Diapers are provided if needed

Food is provided at school (lunch and snack, depending on the package selected: no need to plan a lunch for your child each day)

– Open to children of all nationalities


« The fundamental quality needed in a parent or educator is to know how to observe. »

Maria Montessori